10th March 2014

14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions A

Agriculture and forests [Room Chiado] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: David Avelar, CIRCLE-2 / Marisa Tello Mariscal, JPI FACCE

Critical analysis of quantitative climate vulnerability assessments to guide agricultural adaptation
Lotten Wiréhn, CSPR, University of Linköping, Sweden

A multi-scale climatic analysis of viticultural terroirs in the context of climate change
Etienne Neethling, CNRS, France

Biodiverse legume-rich sown permanent pastures: an adaptation and mitigation tool for sustainable animal production in Mediterranean areas under climate change
David Gomes Crespo, Fertiprado, Lda., Portugal

AGROSCENARI, a national project on adaptation of Italian agriculture to climate change
Vittorio Marletto, ARPA-SIMC, Italy

Coastal areas, marine biodiversity and fisheries [Room Lapa] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: Marie Mojaisky, Maurice Imbard, Dina Carrilho, CIRCLE-2 / Andris Andrusaitis, BONUS

General plan of complementary adaptive measures to climate change for Venice
Emiliano Ramieri, Thetis, Italy

Adaptation of coastal protection in Belgian coastal towns
Renaat De Sutter, AnteaGroup, Belgium

Climate change vulnerability in the coastal protected areas of Catalonia (Spain): the cases of Ebro delta and Aiguamolls de L'empordà
Sandra Fatorić, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Coastal hazard mapping as a planning tool in climate change adaptation - the case of Fonte da Telha, Portugal
Rui Taborda, Instituto Dom Luiz, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Terrestrial biodiversity, ecosystems and nature conservation [Room Marvila] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: Marianne Lilliesköld, CIRCLE-2 / Horst Korn, BfN, Germany

Exploring the robustness of adaptation options for biodiversity to the direct and indirect effects of climate and socio-economic change
Paula Harrison, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Adapting the Portuguese herptofauna to climate change, what and how to do it? A contribution to the Portuguese adaptation strategy using a combined methodology
Mário Pulquério, CCIAM, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Ecosystem services' sensitivity to climate change and possible adaptation options in mountain regions
Christin Haida, alpS GmbH, Austria

Managing the future of Mediterranean Cork oak woodlands: pitfalls of using incomplete species range models for climate change adaptation planning
Ricardo Correia, CBA, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Water resources and management [Room Oriente] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: Sandra Garcia, CIRCLE-2 / Seppo Rekolainen, JPI Water

Adapting to future droughts: a risk-based approach for increasing drought preparedness
Eleni Kampragkou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

A regional overview of climate change impacts on hydrology in SE Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus region
Paul Schattan, alpS GmbH, Austria

Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on coastal groundwater resources at three Mediterranean sites
Tibor Y. Stigter, UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands

Managing water scarcity in the Magdalena river basin in Colombia. An economic assessment
Martha Bolivar Lobato, University of Hamburg, Germany

Health and Urban areas [Room Alcântara] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: Rob Swart, CIRCLE-2 / Jonas Bylund, JPI Urban Europe

The vulnerability factor card game - a bottom-up methodology for identifying and analysing vulnerability of people and formulate multi-level adaptation strategies
Anna C. Jonsson, CSPR, Linköping University, Sweden

Integrated risk management - a key strategy in climate change adaptation. An example from Austria
Angela Michiko Hama, alpS GmbH, Austria

Simulating future changes in the urban heat island effect based on an integration of socio-economic and climate scenarios
Vasco Diogo, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Identifying trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation in Copenhagen and Helsinki
Mia Landauer, Aalto University, Finland

Economics, financial instruments and insurance [Room Alfama] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: Martin König, Sergio Castellari, CIRCLE-2 / Fabio Eboli, JPI Climate

Climate-induced change in crop yields: a CGE analysis of macroeconomic impacts and costs & benefits of adaptation
Miles Perry, JRC, European Commission

Results of a multifactorial pluvial flood damage model for Belgium
Tom Creten, HIVA, KU Leuven, Belgium

A new financing mechanism for the Dutch climate adaptation toolkit? Dimensions and applicability of tax increment financing
Liz Root, Radboud University, Netherlands

Cross-sectoral vulnerability, risk and economic assessments of climate impacts and their usefulness for adaptation strategies
Inke Schauser, Federal Environment Agency, Germany

User Requirement Assessment for accessing Climate Data and Information in Europe [Room Graça] - ABSTRACTS

Conveners: FP7 projects - ISENES-2 (Infrastructure project of the European Network on Earth System modellers - phase 2) and CLIP-C (Climate Information Platform for Copernicus)

Introduction to ISENES-2 and CLIP-C/ Objectives and program of the session
Lars Bärring, SMHI, Sweden

Discussion on user requirements
Erik van Slobbe, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Presentation on the Climate4impacts portal
Christian Pagé, CERFACS, France

Formulation of recommendations to IS-ENES and CLIP-C for an integrated strategy for user consultation in the coming years
Erik van Slobbe, Wageningen University, the Netherlands