Oceans in a changing climate

Oceans provide a variety of environmental services, including a vital role in regulating earth’s temperature. Climate change impacts may have raised more attention in land though they also strongly impact oceans leading to their warming, the melting of glaciers, sea level rise and oceans acidification. These changes are affecting biodiversity and human welfare. To better understand and adapt to changes in the marine environment there are some knowledge gaps that require further research and understanding.  Our overall knowledge of oceans, how they function, how they respond to changes in climate and how these affect life , are still issues, to some extent, unknown.

Consistent and comprehensive data collection accompanied by long term monitoring records will be fundamental to provide further insight on, for example, physical processes and ecosystem interactions.
The Lisbon Oceanarium visit provides a journey into the world’s oceans, sharing knowledge and awareness of the challenges they are facing. May this visit inspire you to make changes on the surface to conserve what lies beneath. 


Lisbon Climate Peddy-paper

'Peddy-paper' is an english word (used only in Portugal) to define a pedestrian orientation game where participants have to test their observation skills and their ability to work as a team, to learn more about a theme or fulfil a specific task and move between checkpoints. The Adaptation Frontiers' Lisbon 'Climate peddy-paper' will taket teams through downtown Lisbon, where they will discover and explore the History and the stories of this ancient city! At the same time, the teams will have the oportunity to observe, discuss and analyse some of the cities most relevant climate adaptation related historical aspects. The Lisbon 'Climate peddy-paper' is an integral part of the conference programme. Enjoy and good luck to all the teams!