FP7 projects


ISENES-2, the 2nd phase of the Infrastructure project of the European Network on Earth System modellers and the new FP7 project CLIPC (Climate Information Platform for Copernicus), are developing the new "one-stop-shop" EU Climate Information Portal. Both projects aim to provide access to climate information and data of direct relevance to a wide variety of users, from scientists to policy makers and private sector decision makers. This session aims at receiving feedback on developments to date in ISENES, and to inform participants about the user consultations activities over the coming years in the context of ISENES-2 and CLIP-C. Both research programs will integrate their user requirement activities.

The session will address, amongst others, the climate4 impacts portal (http://climate4impact.eu/impactportal/general/index.jsp), which is being developed with the recommendations of the 2011 ISENES1/CIRCLE-2 workshop in mind, which was held at the EEA in Copenhagen on "Bridging Climate Research Data and the Needs of the Impact Community" (see http://www.circle-era.eu/np4/256.html).


The EU research project Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe (BASE) supports action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe. BASE makes experiential and scientific information on adaptation meaningful, transferable and easily accessible to decision-makers at all levels.

The BASE activities can take place over all 3 days (10-12 March). and will provide 3 activities:
- A Climate-Adapt technical meeting (lead: CMCC); end of day 2 between 17.30-19.00;
- Interviews (lead: FFCUL); whole day 2 and morning of day 3 (if necessary); primarily decision-makers and end-users but also some scientists; one-to-one recorded interviews to be used later on, such as in BASE video, and possibly for future newsletter dialogues. A special area will be set up in the room for this activity.
- Connecting BASE to other ongoing EU projects (lead: EI); whole day 2 and morning of day 3 (if necessary); particular slot may be set up during lunch-time on day 2 (13.00-14.00); BASE scientists, other projects represented at conference; visual mapping of projects and exchange with other scientists on points for collaboration. If necessary, during day 1 this activity may be carried out in room Madragoa (organisation room).

National Spotlight

"Climate and Climate Adaptation research in Portugal"

This session will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the most interesting climate related research currently underway in Portugal and connect researchers and practitioners involved in climate adaptation science. This session will consist of an electronic display of selected posters during the 3 days conference.

Multimedia Exhibition

A multimedia exhibition showcasing an overview and outcomes of CIRCLE-2, with testimonial from CIRCLE-2 partners, will be displayed at the Conference. The exhibition is interactive, developed in cooperation with a team of multimedia students, and it will allow to browse about CIRCLE-2 achievements resulting from 10 years of cooperation.